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September Book Club: Graceling

Let the discussion of Graceling begin! This was one of Melissa’s favorite books of 2008 and a discussion is timely, since the prequel Fire is coming out at the beginning of October. Here are some questions to get the conversaton … Continue reading

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NYCSLA Book Club: September Selection

Please join us in an experiment: the NYCSLA book club! Once a month, we’ll host a discussion for a middle grade or young adult book that’s a.) getting great reviews, b.) surrounded by ferocious buzz, c.) just won an award … Continue reading

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Welcome back!

All Library Media Specialists & Teachers assigned to Libraries, Welcome back! …and we’re back! NYCSLA, the New York City School Librarians’ Association, is back in business after being inactive for nearly two years. We wish you a wonderful year and … Continue reading

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Start your school year with NYCSLA membership

Welcome back to school, librarians and library-lovers! Start your year right by joining NYCSLA. We’re all set up to receive your membership (just fill out this handy form and mail it back with your membership dues payment) and you’ll be … Continue reading

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