September Book Club: Graceling

Let the discussion of Graceling begin! This was one of Melissa’s favorite books of 2008 and a discussion is timely, since the prequel Fire is coming out at the beginning of October. Here are some questions to get the conversaton started, but feel free to comment on any aspect of the book that struck you:

  • One of the most popular aspects of Graceling, based on many reviews, is the contrast between a strong heroine and a sensitive (but well-matched) hero. How do Katsa and Po stack up to other fantasy protagonists in your experience?
  • In any fantasy novel, world-building–setting, the internal logic of the magical systems, the politics of invented kingdoms–is integral to a reader’s enjoyment and the believability of the story. How does Cashore’s world-building in Graceling, particularly the superpowered aspect of the Graced? (And the always-fun reader association question: if you had a Grace, what would it be?)
  • What age group and type of reader would be the best audience for this book? How does it compare to or complement other fantasy titles in your library?

Please add your thoughts to the discussion below. You don’t have to be a NYCSLA member to join in the fun (although we’d love to have you…)

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