March 9 Meeting Recap & Resources

Jesse Karp got everyone thinking visually at NYCSLA’s March meeting, which focused on using graphic novels in the library. Karp stated that, now that the resistance to graphic novels has somewhat leveled off and they do get shelf space in libraries, it is time to focus on doing some research to measure their ability to teach comprehension and raise students’ reading levels.

Participants had the opportunity to do some hands-on activities featuring literacy skills that graphic novels teach so well: interpretation, context, perspective and collaboration. In his upcoming ALA Editions book, Graphic Novels in your School Library (October 2011), Karp promises even more activities and a list of best titles.

In one of these activities, for example, Karp asked NYCSLA members to draw three interpretations of “sad” told in two panels each. NYCSLA President Sara Paulson said, “Everything I knew about the art form came flying out of my head and in spite of my rather poor drawing skills, I used perspective and the trope, ‘Three hours later..’ to get my ideas across. We all enjoyed it.”

NYCSLA also welcomed three new board members for 2011-13: Teresa Tartaglione as our new President, Kathleen Tarbell, and Jen Abounader. All members are welcome to come to our April 7th board meeting when the executive board will be editing our decades-old by-laws. Email for details. Thanks to everyone who came and made it a special evening!

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