2011-2012 NYCSLA Administrator Award: Congratulations to Dr. Ellis E. Scope!

NYCSLA is proud to recognize Dr. Ellis E. Scope, principal of the JM Rapport School for Career Development, as the recipient of the 2011-2012 NYCSLA Administrator Award.  Dr. Scope stood out from the other nominees because she seems to not only see value in her school’s library, she considers her librarian, Lindsay Klemas, to be a leader in their building.  Lindsay spoke candidly of Dr. Scope’s tireless work to gather funds to create a library in a building that had gone without for 18 years.  Dr. Scope allowed Lindsay to be an integral part of not only the renovation and creation of the library program, but has made Lindsay a member of the school’s inquiry team and deeply involved in both the school’s iPad pilot and the Danielson Pilot.

Dr. Scope has done everything in her power to make the library a success.  Lindsay has a flexible schedule and has been given time to collaborate and team teach with her colleagues.  Dr. Scope suggested Lindsay create a library newsletter in addition to her library blog in order to build interest and make sure faculty members were aware of the resources and programs available to them through the library.  Dr. Scope encourages Lindsay to apply for grants and provides her additional funding beyond the New York State library budget in the hopes of building up the collection.

In a time when more and more librarians are being cut and libraries closed, it is inspiring to read about a principal who truly believes in the transformative power of a school library.  As Dr. Scope prepares to retire this June, we can only hope that the work that she has done has influenced those around her.  Thank you, Dr. Scope, for being a champion of libraries!

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