NYCSLA’s Commitment to Intellectual Freedom and the Freedom to Read

The New York City School Librarians’ Association stands with the American Library Association in our commitment to protect the Intellectual Freedom and the Freedom to Read of all library patrons.
We advocate for the rights of all patrons and the pursuit of information from all points of view without restrictions.  
We support patrons to speak freely as guaranteed by the First Amendment.
NYSCLA proclaims that librarians are professionals who have the education and training in the selection and procurement of materials for their communities. We stand in solidarity with fellow school librarians currently facing challenges despite having made selection decisions that reflect this professionalism and the needs of their communities.
We believe that all users of  school libraries have the right to access materials, services and facilities regardless of age, race, or gender.  Parents have the right to set restrictions for their own children, but no person or group should have the right to deny access to other children. Any challenges to library materials must follow the established protocols set forth by the district to commission a complete and thorough process. The goal of a school library program is to support and provoke the intellectual, social and personal development of all students.
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